Phuket Old Town - Portuguese buildings - Thalang Rd.,
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Phuket Old Town

Phuket Old Town – Portuguese buildings – Thalang Rd.,

The heart of Phuket’s Old Town is a historic district full of charm and character. With Portuguese buildings from the 16th century mixed in with Chinese constructions dating back even further, this part off town has something for everyone! Many shops have been converted into hotels or restaurants while others serve as museum exhibits showcasing local customs long ago forgotten by time – but not anymore thanks to their new purpose serving tourists who want nothing more than an authentic experience get away from reality…

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ROMMANEE ROAD where area on Talang Road has a long history. In those days, it was one of the most popular neighborhoods in town and why not? It’s where all your favorite hookers would go! However with time progression things started going down hill as many buildings were neglected or abandoned by their owners- HOWEVER this only made them more intriguing to explore for any photographer who loves capturing decay/abandonment behind closed doors (and windows).

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This Sunday, head to Thalang Song Road (Phuket Weekend Market) and find your way down the bustling street that is Phuket Walking Street. On this route you will pass by CHino-Portuguese architectural houses with a long history as well an open market where vendors sell their wares from 9 am onwards! The souvenir zones are perfect if looking for something unique or just want some time outside of guesthouses food distribution. The Sunday Market in Phuket is a great place for tourists and locals alike. The market has many different zones with souvenirs, activities or food available at each one- it’s open from 4pm onwards so you can enjoy shopping
Phuket Old Town

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